Remote PC Access

This website will tell you everything you need to know about how to access your PC at home whilst you are away from home. In fact, you can be anywhere in the world and still access and work on your home computer.

Have you ever arrived at the workplace, school or college and found out that the floppy disk holding your latest excel spreadsheet has decided to corrupt itself? Or your USB drive has fallen out of your briefcase and is currently residing down the back of your car seat? If so, what you need is remote access software for your PC.

It is so useful to be able to access your home or work PC when you are elsewhere, and this article is going to let you know the available options for setting it up.

Available Options for PC Remote Access

  1. GoToMyPC by Citrix

    GoToMyPC allows you to access your host computer from anywhere in the world, via a secure internet connection. You are not required to install any software on the PC that you are using to access your host computer, so you can use access your PC from somebody else's computer, eg from an internet cafe. You only need to install software on your host computer. You can try this software free for thirty days to see if you like it before you part with any money. The link to access the free trial is here.

    GoToMyPC is the editors' choice of PC Magazine. It says the software enables you to navigate round your host PC as though you were sitting right in front of it. It has a built in file transfer tool that allows you to transfer data from your host PC to your remote PC - although the speed of the data transfer will only be as fast as the internet connection you are using.

    It is also a very useful tool for accessing the computer of a friend or colleague, so that you can offer support if he or she is having problems. You can even reboot the host PC if you need to (I can hear you breathing a sigh of relief at that piece of information).

    The software is very user friendly and a joy to use. If you run your own business, have a demanding job or you're at school or in further education, this software could be a real life saver!

    Note that you do not buy the software outright, but pay for it via a monthly subscription.

    Current pricing is detailed here:

    One PC - Monthly renewal £11.99/month
    One PC - Annual renewal £107.99/year.(Save 25%)
    Two PCs - Monthly renewal £17.99/month.
    Two PCs -Annual renewal £159.99/year.(Save 25%)
    Between 3 and 20 PCs Additional PCs are £8.99/month or £79.98/year.

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  2. PCAnywhere by Symantec

    NB Find this software on the Symantec site by entering "PC Anywhere" into the search box or select it from the drop down menu on the right.

    Unlike GoToMyPC above, PC Anywhere is aimed at business users, and uses a direct connection between the host and the client computer, rather than internet hostd intermediary software. This requires you to install software on two computers - both the client and the host computer - so you could not use it from a computer that you were not in control of, such as a computer in an airport terminal or internet cafe.

    However, if you regularly want to connect the same two computers, eg your work hostd desktop and your laptop, or your laptop to a number of clients whom you are supporting, then this software could be useful for you.

    PC Anywhere features a remote management menu, which allows you direct local access to the remote PC without having to use the remote interface. This means that you can access the Windows Task Manager, the Registry and run a remote command prompt. The software supports both Windows and Linux and you can also connect via a pocket PC. However, the software is more difficult to set up than GoToMyPC - you will need to configure firewalls at the remote end to allow the incoming connection.

    This software is aimed at the professional offering support to users, rather than GoToMyPC which is aimed more at the general user.

    Unlike GoToMyPC, you buy this software outright. Current pricing is £199.99 for the host and remote package, or £119.99 for the host package only.